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A Property Disputes is more than a law practice area. It usually encompass inherited rights; comprehensive and specific land and property compensation claims; treaty claims and interpretation; nationalization; repatriations; land reforms; local self-government; the fiduciary  relationship between governments, churches and  the owner; claims to renewable and non-renewable natural resources; hunting and fishing rights; government relations; economic development; taxation; and various public policy issues. 

Probate Research

Probate records are those records and files kept by a probate court. The word probate comes from Latin and means "to prove," in this case to prove in court the authenticity of a last will and testament of someone who has died. In the absence of a will, inheritance laws have provided for the passing on of property, belongings, and assets.

We have specialists in probate research to locate missing heirs and beneficiaries. We can also help you find wills, obtain copies of certificates, help you to administer an estate, as well as calculating how an estate, intestacy or trust should be distributed.

Asset Recovery Service 

Asset Recovery refers to the task of recovery of assets that have been wrongfully taken either stolen, fraudulently misappropriated or otherwise disposed of to remove them from their rightful owner.



















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