Freedom of the Press is an extremely problematic concept for most non-democratic, or corrupt systems of government since, in the modern age, strict control of access to information is critical to the existence of most non-democratic governments and their associated control systems and security apparatus. To this end, most non-democratic, or corrupt societies employ state-run news organizations to promote the propaganda critical to maintaining an existing political power base and suppress (often very brutally, through the use of police, military, or intelligence agencies) any significant attempts by the media or individual journalists to challenge the approved "government line" on contentious issues. In such countries, journalists operating on the fringes of what is deemed to be acceptable will very often find themselves the subject of considerable intimidation by agents of the state. This can range from simple threats to their professional careers (firing, professional blacklisting) to death threats, blackmail, kidnapping, torture, and assassination.

What is Investigative Journalism?

Investigative Journalism is when reporters deeply investigate a topic of interest, sometimes involving crime, political corruption, or some other scandal, but also looking into systemic problems in government, business and other sectors.

Who are Freelance Reporters?

Freelance Reporters and salaried reporters have the same duties and responsibilities. The main difference is that freelance reporters are working independently and than offer their work to news agencies. Freelance reporters go on assignment to various locations both locally and abroad to investigate activities, events and current issues.