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USA, Canada and Europe 
   Prof. Dr. Ronald S. Mangum, J.D., B.A., BG US Army (Ret.)
  Legal Counselor - Corporate, Civil, Criminal and Military Law; Homeland Security Specialist and International Military Advisor; International Diplomacy 
  15106 Pleasant Valley Road
   Woodstock, IL 60098,  U.S.A. 
  Dr. Andrew T. Adam von Rhédey, DD, JD, BSL, B.MSc.
  Senior Legal Advisor; Cannon Law; Law Enforcement, Investigation and Question Documents Forensic Examiner; Homeland Security; and NAFO Specialist.
   327 Elm Street, Sudbury
  Ontario, Canada,  P3C 1V7
    Johanna (Jana) Turcsányi, C.A., Dipl.L.E., Dipl.I.Sc., N.S.A.R.
    Heraldic and Genealogical Forensic Examiner, Corporate and Personal Due Diligence, Archives Specialist, Genealogist and International Probate Researcher
    Hlavna 6,  040 01 Kosice
   Slovakia, European Union 
Brokers - International Trade 
   Christopher Constantine Radziwill  - International Trade 
   Krzysztof Sycz - International Trade 
Legal Services Europe - Staff Members and Associates 
   JUDr. Patrik Holinga - Corporate and Criminal   
   Mgr. Peter Straka - Corporate and Criminal  
  Dr. M M. Elghusein, J.D., BSL - International Trade   
Associates - Forensic Examiners and Expert Witnesses 
  Mgr. Gabriel Kladek - Historical Forensic Examiner, Investigative Reporter
  William J. Adam von Rhédey, Dipl.Sc.(IT) - IT Expert Witness 
Associates - Medical / Forensic  
    Gerry Gauvreau, C.A.P.H.E.R., C.K., U.K - Kinesiology Specialist
  Dr. Teresa Hatcher, MD, - EMS Specialist  
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