Biography - Andrew T. Adam von Rhédey


Completed two Medical Applied Sciences undergraduate programs; first in Medical Laboratory Technology, and the second in Radiography at the IGA Curtis Teaching Hospital, Saint Anthony, Nfld.; Diploma in Criminology -  Western College of Criminology, Torrance, California; Homicide Investigation - John Jay College of Criminal Justice / New York City University; Diploma in Police Science - North American Institute of Police Science, Chicago, Ill.;  American Law and Procedure (54 credits) - La Salle Extension University - School of Law, Chicago, Ill.;  BSL / JD - British-American University, California; Certificate in Municipal Governing (C.M.G.) from Henson College / Dalhousie University, Halifax; and undertook several studies in Theology, Divinity and Metaphysical Science. 

Andrew T. Adam von Rhedey also acquired additional professional specialized police and investigative schooling that include - Criminal Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Investigative Science; awarded under a joint program between the Canadian Overseas Council and the University College of Security Management in Kosice; Police Leadership from Henson College / Dalhousie University (DU), Halifax; Community Based Policing and Management of Change in a joint program between Henson College of Public Affairs, Nova Scotia Department of Justice - Attorney General (NS DJ/AG) at the Canadian Coast Guard College (CCGC), Point Edward - Sydney, N.S.; several specialized Crime Prevention programs with Halifax Regional Police (HRP); in 1977 certified by Presiding Judge of the Criminal Division of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario (SCJO) (Crown vs. Joshua) as a Question Document Examiner in the area of Interpretation of Light and Manipulation of Light in Photography. Presently:  Member of the American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFE);  Past Member of the Scientific Senate at the University College of Security Management in Kosice (VSBM), Slovakia.

Colonel Adam von Rhedey's carrier in Law Enforcement started in 1973 as the Director of the Atlantic Bureau of Investigation and Security. The agency was responsible for Industrial and Port Security (Federal Jurisdiction) including a large portion of residential area of the city of St. Johns, Nfld. From 1976 to 1982 Andrew also held several leadership positions: Professional Investigator on behalf of governmental, corporate entities and banks, especially in the area of commercial fraud and white color crime investigations, misappropriation of funds, investment and shareholder disputes, labor disputes, insurance investigations, and held a special appointment as the Ontario Provincial Commissioner of Oaths;  Associate Instructor at the faculty of Law and Security Administration - Cambrian College; Special Investigator with the Canadian Government’s Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Office of the Local Employment and Assistance Program to investigate financial irregularities related to Federal / Provincial Native Funding. 

Homeland Security schooling and positions held includes: Anti Terrorism Crises Management and Homeland Security; Labrador Search And Rescue - Joint Rescue  Coordination Center; SJA First Responder Instructor / Trainer; Arctic and Marine Survival; Ultra-light Aircraft Pilot; Master Parachutist; Police Defensive and Evasive Driving; Scuba-diver; received a Certificate in Costal Navigation from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK); Small and Tactical Boats Skipper. 

1982 to 1990 - International Observer with Canada DFO / Atlantic Region  responsible for Monitoring Control and Surveillance. ("SEAWATCH" - Atlantic Canada’s Federal Offshore Protection and Enforcement Support Agency responsible for monitoring foreign vessels activities, patrolling Atlantic Canada’s watershed and coastline in effort to enforce Canada’s 200 miles Conservation Zone, empowered under NAFO,, NC, IMO, GMDSS, and various other Canada - U.S. [NORAD], and International Treaties and Agreements). From 1984, through a special appointment reported directly to the Prime Minister of Canada the Right Honorable Martin Brian Mulroney and to the Canadian Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans the Honorable John Fraser. During this period also acted as a Research Specialist with Labrador Northern Perspective Task Force with mandate to produce a feasibility study as a part of (Environmental Assessment) on the effects of NATO’s low-level military aircraft flights over Labrador, Canada. The study focused on identifying a possible short and long-term effects on the people of the Canadian Sub-Arctic. The findings, together with other studies related to Cold War and East West Relations, were presented at Environmental Revue Hearings in Canada and to a European audiences during Andrew's 1995 European Lecture Tour. 

1989 to 1990 -During Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution served as the National  Security Advisor to the Czechoslovakian Federal Minister of Interior Jan Langos, and to the Slovakia’s Minister of Interior Anton Andras.  After June 1990 national election installed by the Czechoslovakian Federal Minister of Interior into a position of the Provincial (Eastern Slovakia) Chief of Counterintelligence Services with the Bureau for the Protections of the Constitution and Democracy of the Czechoslovakian Federal Security Forces, and the Member of the Counterintelligence Joint Chiefs of Staff. After December 19th. and during 1991 Gulf War (also known as the Liberation of Kuwait, or the Operation Desert Storm) served with the Federal Information (Intelligence) Services (FIS) as the Chief of Special Operations out of the Counterintelligence Headquarters in Prague. 

Known in Slovakia as "The Father of Municipal Policing". During this period  served as the Chief Commissioner for the Kosice City Police Department.  Founder of the Slovakian Municipal Police Chiefs Association and served as the 1st.  Commandant of the SANMOP Metropolitan Police Academy. In 1993 became the International Director of Law Enforcement Training for visiting Central European Law Enforcement Executives in Canada and the U.S.  From 1997 - 2002 special consultant to the Government of Panama. 

From 2002 - 2006 Director General of the Canadian Overseas Council. 2006 - (current) Staff Attorney with the Canadian Overseas Development Council in Europe (CODC) - Central and Eastern Europe. As well, from 2006 to (current) Staff Attorney - Professional Directors, Inc.