Professional Directors Inc. 
in cooperation with British-American University

Professional Directors, Inc. offers a unique opportunity to their European employees to acquire an American Legal education through distance learning. These same opportunities we also offer to our associates in Europe. Our educational provider is the prestigious British-American University. The Charles Montesquieu School of Law at British-American University uses an innovative approach to the study of law. It offers 185 video lectures featuring more than 50 hours of recorded video lectures to its students as part of their tuition.

British-American University is international in outlook. The university aims to provide high quality education via distance learning for motivated individuals from around the world. British American University aims at graduating highly educated, well trained and broad minded individuals who as they gain experience, will become an asset to their society and country. Study via distance learning requires motivation, dedication and patience on the part of the student. The ability and willingness to keep going with one’s studies is therefore essential. British-American University is committed to the success of its students.
This aim is achieved through the innovative and flexible programs it offers, the highly qualified and dedicated faculty members it has, and through the help and supervision of Professional Directors. Combined together, these factors are key to helping students achieve their educational goals.

Today, Professional Directors oversees and supervises the British American University educational process of its employees and its participating associates. As a representative of British-American University in Central and in Eastern Europe, Professional Directors in cooperation with the British-American University administration aims to advise prospective students about the advantages of studying at British-American University.

By promoting the innovative programs of British-American University, and the university’s mission of graduating individuals who are professionals in their fields, Professional Directors is contributing to empowering the gallant and aspiring people of Eastern and Central Europe.

Law Programs offered at British-American University
Since Professional Directors is made up of Jurists and Crises Management Specialists, we have decided to highlight to the prospective law student, the law programs offered by British-American University:
Bachelor of Science in Law Degree (B.S.c. in Law)
The Bachelor of Science in Law degree at British-American University is awarded after completing 48 semester units. Students complete first and second year subjects. The first year subjects are: Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts, Legal Writing, and Introduction to Law.
The second year subjects are: Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Real Property and U.S. Constitutional Law.
The Bachelor of Science in Law degree is used by students as a launch pad to completing the Executive Juris Doctor program.
Executive Juris Doctor (J.D.)
The Executive Juris Doctor program requires 48 semester units for the Bachelor of Science in Law en route to 84 units (non-bar) for the Juris Doctor divided into 3 continuous years of law study a 24 semester units per year and one year of 12 units study). Students can increase the number of hours of study to complete the program even faster.

The Executive Juris Doctor opens the door of opportunity to work in many law-related fields. It appeals to individuals who are looking to practice in the field of administrative law such as Social Security Law, Labor Law, and Admiralty law to name but a few. It also appeals to individuals who wish to work with businesses and corporations as legal advisors and consultants, as well as to anyone who is aware on how to utilize a solid knowledge in law and the legal system to further their career opportunities and goals.

LL.M in Alternative Dispute Resolution
British-American University School of Law offers one of the most sought after online degrees for the busy professional. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is one of the most overlooked areas in the law field today.

British-American University School of Law offers a Letter of Law Master Degree (LL.M), in the art of negations, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution. This program will take one year from start to finish. This program appeals to attorneys who wish to practice in the field of arbitration, or mediation, as well as non-lawyers (paralegals, human resource personnel, counselors, adjudication officers, clergy, principles, etc.) who wish to enhance their employment prospects.

Many corporations, state, federal and local governments, and court systems hire mediators or arbitrators, to resolve the various types of disputes etc. within the organization.

Other programs offered at British-American University
British-American University School of Business offers the following:
- BA In Business Administration
- Executive MBA
- PhD in Human Resources Management
- Master of Science in Personal Development Psychology
- Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
British-American University School of Associate Arts offers the following:
- Associate of Arts with a concentration in foundations of Business
- Associate of Arts with a concentration in foundations of Psychology
- Associate of Arts with a concentration in foundations of English & Literature
British-American University School of English offers the following:
BA in English & English Literature
The Faculty
Our faculty members are professionals who understand the nature of correspondence study and the methods of course delivery. They are qualified individuals who have a passion for teaching, and are committed to helping students achieve their educational goals. We believe that interaction between faculty and learners is essential to the success of the university’s students and to the university as a whole. It is comforting for the prospective student to know that the intellectual atmosphere at British- American University is characterized by mutual respect and support between the two. Our faculty members are available to assist students via email, the student discussion board, and via phone if necessary.

British-American University has faculty members from the United States of America and from the European Union. We are constantly striving to update our study materials, and exploring new methods of course delivery in an effort to ensure that our students receive first class education. The members of the faculty have the following job assignments:

- Mentor and assist students in any research or lesson project.
- Counsel students on any subject in which they may need assistance.
- Monitor the progress of students throughout their studies.
- Grade examination questions.
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