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Professional Directors, Inc. is an American International Total Asset, Crisis and Strategic Management company providing solution to problems.  

Total Asset, Crises and Strategic Management is a discipline applicable to people and companies "in crisis" who think "our problem is different", and who require new  concepts and solutions. 

Professional Directors approach to complex projects lies though the alliance of the core group's expertise with other appropriate resources, public and private, to apply the required solution to problems. This approach is cost effective and provides the right mix of resources to the task at hand; it allows Professional Directors to reinforce problem area quickly and effectively.

Professional Directors works closely with clients to gain a full understanding of their personal or corporate structure, culture and working environment in order to provide the best service. 

Today, Professional Directors is composed of a core of Principals reinforced by a group of Senior Contracted Consultants, in various fields of specialization, who combine in appropriate associations to undertake specific projects, in Management Consulting and Project Management, under the aegis of Professional Directors Inc.    

Professional Directors can also provide Senior Executives on a temporary basis for "hands on" management of company "turnarounds" and re-engineering activities. It undertakes organization and financing of corporate formations and acquisitions. 

We also design financial packages to facilitate joint ventures, the provision of goods and services, feasibility studies, business plans, financial and management consulting, and business mentoring, forensic audits, white-collar crime assessment, partnerships and shareholders disputes, both international and domestic.   

Professional Directors implements solutions through mentoring change, or legal intervention giving effect to carefully structured strategy.